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The Purpose of the Five Scrum Events

This allows to save time and discuss issues more effectively. That is, ask for a volunteer to get the meeting started with their report. Then, when they’re done, have them pick the next person to speak and so forth.

scrum planning meeting agenda

The product owner keeps the big picture in mind and articulates it frequently to the rest of the team. In addition, the product owner ensures that every user story in the backlog aligns with the product vision. The sprint goal describes the objective of the sprint at a high level, but the backlog Items can also be written with an outcome in mind. User stories are one great way of describing the work from a customer point of view. User stories, written like the one below, re-focus defects, issues, and improvements on the outcome the customer is seeking rather than the observed problem. If you have a two-week sprint, run a backlog refinement meeting in the middle of the sprint.

Sprint review

By illustrating what that particular item does, your team will understand the feature in full and can decide if it’s necessary to implement it. For example, some of your developers might be on vacation, on sick leave, or working on other projects. You might want to start distributing tasksimmediately, but there’s no point in doing so without knowing your team members’ schedules. Once you’ve gone over the previous sprint, it’s best to convey new information about the project immediately. If, by any chance, the transcript reveals that the previous sprint didn’t go particularly well, it’s essential to maintain a positive attitude and not dwell on the setbacks.

scrum planning meeting agenda

To make sure there is not too much work for the scope of the Sprint, these items may be refined. According to the Scrum guide, there are 4 distinct Scrum meetings that happen during each Sprint. Teams that conduct their Scrum meeting regularly and in the right manner can endlessly improve their workflows. Daily Scrums, Sprint Retrospective, and Sprint Planning are important Scrum meetings. We’ll share advice on how to run them in the most effective way, why they work, and how you can adapt them to your work environment.

How do you run an agile meeting virtually?

Your blog post was a valuable resource for anyone seeking practical advice on the topic. I appreciated the clarity of your explanations and the actionable recommendations you shared. I have serious interest in learning and finding a job as a Scrum Master. The information share here has given me an eye opener and boosted my desire to learn Scrum. If you feel that communication is not happening, maybe due to the absence of trust or confidence, make an environment where members can easily share concerns and information.

scrum planning meeting agenda

The problem that reaches the level of Scrum of Scrums is potentially a big problem that might affect up to a hundred people. Hence, a problem is identified, it should be solved at this level given that the right members are together and are able to complete the task. If that’s not possible, use a reliable and consistent tool for communicating remotely . Auto_stories Blog Successes, tips and tools on how to be a great manager. Videocam Remote Meeting Templates Run your remote team like the best with templates from the best leaders in tech. ???? Sales OKRs Go beyond quotas with goals that will help these 11 roles grow…

Sprint planning meeting agenda

Team velocity helps the team evaluate what they can realistically complete during the coming sprint. The product owner presents the context for the work considered for the next sprint. The product owner explains where the user stories come from, such as customer requests, customer support, or the marketing department.

  • With your team’s availability calculated, it’s time to decide which product backlog itemsto include in this sprint.
  • In most cases, 45 minutes to an hour is enough, but it may be longer if you haven’t had one of these meetings in a while.
  • As stories get completed, they are moved from “To Do”, to “In Progress”, and finally in the “Completed” section of the whiteboard.
  • And if you record daily standup data, as shown above, you can even spot some recurring patterns and help your team get better.
  • Such discussions, if needed, should be scheduled as follow-up discussions.

Instead, each Sprint results in a Done, potentially releasable Increment of valuable product. But just going through the motions and having each of the events on the calendar is not enough. To get the most out of Scrum, your team needs to understand the purpose behind each of the five events. This will ensure that every team member comes well prepared and time wastage is reduced to the maximum. Sprint Planning is timeboxed to a maximum of eight hours for a one-month Sprint.

Review the last sprint

It also enables teams to resolve support requests from each other in a timely manner. Use the sprint planning meeting to flesh out intimate details of the work that needs to get done. Encourage team members to sketch out tasks for all stories, bugs, and tasks that come into the sprint. Foster discussions and gather consensus on the plan of action.

Whether you’re working in sprints or a more traditional methodology, you’re going to need tools to help you get those tasks planned, monitored and reported on. Backlog refinement, previously known as product backlog grooming, helps teams refine their development process for the next sprint by ensuring they always have well-defined tasks to be handled. According to the Scrum Guide, backlog refinement is an “ongoing process” and not a timeboxed one-time event.

Diagram showing Scrum of Scrums

Consequently, the development team evaluates and actually picks the work for the upcoming sprint. Designed to streamline your daily standups,ClickUp’s Scrum Meeting templatehelps teams focus on what’s agenda for sprint planning done, what needs to get done, and what potential blockers loom on the horizon. So, you understand what scrum meetings are, how they work, and what best practices you should keep top of mind.

The team is suggested to follow a common sprint “vision” rather than just blindly develop user stories. It is very important to keep the “complete picture in mind” and proceed with sprint development. In addition, this attitude should be maintained throughout the sprint duration. Story “parts” such as the description, business value, and acceptance criteria should be clearly stated and explained in index cards . Moreover, stories should be explained “in depth” to the entire team so effective user stories can be developed and shippable product features can be availed on a consistent basis. It is interesting to think abouthow the product owner’s role is likely to modifyitself in the future, and what features the sprint planning event is likely to include.

Scrum of Scrums

Because of the constant collaboration and iteration required for Agile, work is broken down into short timeframes, known as sprints, that range between 1-4 weeks. Operating under the Agile methodology is second nature to many software developers. In fact, given the success it’s had over the last 20 years in supporting fast-paced, high-performing teams, it’s now also gained popularity across other functions. In this article, we review some basics about the Agile method, the Agile meetings you need on your calendar and agenda templates to run them. Scrum meetings were born to bridge the gap between what each person on a team knows and doesn’t know, allowing them time to share, work better together, and feel closer. This could be the scrum master, or you could appoint someone else.

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