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List of Top Enterprise Backup Solutions 2023

The platform includes endpoint monitoring & management, patch management, IT documentation, software deployment, remote access, service desk, backup, and IT asset management. The need for speed is a given but being able to recover to meet business objectives quickly is also critical. And with today’s rapidly-evolving threat landscape, you need to be able to recover quickly after a ransomware attack or other event, to minimize both downtime and data loss. Robust enterprise backup frameworks can be seamlessly integrated with on-premises hardware.

Available as an appliance or validated reference design, it provides unmatched scalability, security, and resiliency, allowing you to get up and running quickly and grow as your needs demand. Also, Commvault’s market-tested technology helps organizations extract more business value from that data, facilitate business planning, and improve business outcomes. Flexible data reuse with copy data management to facilitate DevOps, perform security testing, test patches, and upgrades, and more. Simple, comprehensive backup and archiving from a single extensible platform and intuitive user interface. For certain databases, a selective online full backup is a full backup that you perform when the database is online. A selective copy subclient includes the data, logs, and control file.

Only with maximum flexibility, efficiency and speed, backup solutions deliver the scalability and agility that businesses need today and in the future. It’s the assurance that your business operations and core enterprise functions are not severely impacted by a disaster or an unplanned incident that takes your critical systems offline. NovaStor offers all-inclusive pricing based on the volume of data you select to backup with unlimited servers and full application and hardware support. A collective of data security and services companies to help enterprises win the war against cyberattacks. Eliminate data silos and boost the value of all your data—at lower TCO.

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The answer depends on how modern and robust your enterprise backup solution is. Not surprisingly, database backup types and times fluctuate, given the high volume of data in databases. Provides backup, snapshot, archive, recovery, space management, bare machine recovery and disaster recovery capabilities.

enterprise backup software solutions

It’s cost-effective for small and mid-sized companies that don’t require a lot of storage space. Compatibility with all of the other solutions and native integrations your business uses. However, that doesn’t have to be the case for everyone who is using NAS.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication is a reliable VM backup solution for protecting virtualized and cloud environments. Users describe it as easy to implement and use, but the vendor does not offer support on weekends or federal holidays. Altaro VM Backup is an easy-to-use backup solution for Hyper-V and VMware. Achieve faster, more efficient and secure backups with industry-leading data deduplication. Reduce storage requirements and cost by up to 93% on-premises and in the cloud.

Top Rated Enterprise Backup Products

Data recovery time might take a long time depending on the system you use. Leaves you susceptible to data loss during natural disasters or any issues that may happen in-house such as floods or fires. Gives you physical control over your backup and requires you to invest in the hardware and infrastructure. Scalability that allows you to back up all of your new data, regardless of whether you’re performing differential backups or incremental backups. These solutions interface with immutable object stores through standard S3 APIs. These object stores may reside in on-premises or off-premises locations such as general-purpose and purpose-built clouds.

enterprise backup software solutions

Not everyone has agents for everything and Commvault has agents for most products. It’s the most complete.The data protection itself is very good compared to other products. Here’s the list of free and open-source backup software that efficiently rescues data. Barracuda offers backup appliances with a lot of options to adapt to diverse scenarios. For example, they can replicate data to the cloud or to another appliance at a remote site.

What Is the Best Solution for Business Data Backup?

Barracuda Backup is simple to deploy, easy to manage and offers unlimited cloud storage. With an extensive range of supported environments and integration with Copy file sync and share services, organizations can replace multi-vendor piecemeal backup solutions with an all-in-one Barracuda Backup appliance. Barracuda Backup supports replication to another Barracuda appliance for private-cloud data protection or secure transfer to the Barracuda Cloud. NetVault Plus protects your systems, applications and data in complex IT environments and stores your backups safely, securely and efficiently — simplify your backup and recovery with enterprise backup software. This means you can eliminate having to use multiple backup solutions. With NetVault Plus enterprise backup software, you can protect your business from unexpected system outages, data loss and malicious cyberattacks.

Just make sure to create the perfect ElephantDrive NAS backup strategy that fits your needs. Accelerate backup/restore performance by consolidating global backups into a single data lake. With the Monitor module of enterprise backup software, you can monitor the client’s network, CPU, memory, disk, and other performance information after the client computers are controlled.

enterprise backup software solutions

✍You can also install client program to virtual machines with Windows OS, then control and backup them just as physical machines. It includes complete features to help you with enterprise File Backup, System Backup, Disk Backup, Partition Backup, SQL Server Backup, Basic Sync, Real-Time Sync and Mirror Sync tasks. You can schedule backup jobs for all the client computers and manage the tasks centrally, thus gets you out of repetitive operations and reduce human errors. Provide billable VM and SQL database backup service for unlimited devices. Provide billable comprehensive backup and clone services for unlimited PCs. To request pricing based on your specific IT environment and backup volume requirements, request a quote.

For example, instant VM recovery is valued because it is known to help speed up recovery objectives . Backup managers expect backup and recovery tools to offer useful and easy reporting. Why should businesses prioritize having a disaster recovery solution?

Synthetic full backups

Protect files on servers, external storage devices, and up to 25 computers. Easy file recovery for computers infected by ransomware—without paying a ransom. Monitor online backups and access files from any device via a secure, web-based dashboard.

  • These providers have recently been named major players in enterprise backup and recovery software for 2022 by analyst house Gartner, Inc.
  • Consider BackupAssist if your business has limited backup needs and doesn’t require other operating systems to be recovered.
  • It offers different levels of restoration, including files and folders, for partial recovery.
  • The solution optimized both storage IO and network bandwidth, reducing backup windows by more than 90 percent and eliminating backup related performance impact for production workloads.
  • It also takes a log of the backed-up data, which consists of various snapshots of the data.

Using AI or ML, each scans production and/or backup data and looks for abnormal change rates or unexpected changes to it. Detecting these changes can help alert enterprises to the possible presence of ransomware in their environment. These include on-premises, in general-purpose clouds, purpose-built clouds, or any combination thereof. Using an immutable object store, once data is written to it, the data cannot be erased though it can be overwritten. Overwrites may occur if the ransomware finds the object store and encrypts the data in it.

Flexible recovery options include bare-metal restore, virtual restore, and file/folder-level recovery. Reduce administrative time by managing backups for all your customers, and all their device and data types, from a single dashboard. Automated recovery testing provides screenshot backup verification. TrueDelta deduplication, compression, and WAN optimization make daily backups lightweight and fast. Find out how easy fast, reliable data protection can be, with Cove Data Protection.

Enterprise backup

Commvault’s disaster recovery for cloud data offers cost-effective disaster recovery on-premises, in the cloud and virtual environments. The platform features built-in automation, orchestration, replication, alerting, and reporting. Actifio enables a “data time machine” for the enterprise, eliminating backup and restore windows and creating virtual, point-in-time copies of data on demand, for use by any business application. Instant data recovery means no delays in restoring data for any use, and it’s enabled through a simple consumer grade interface that is SLA-driven and application centric in applying data protection. And with more than 25 billion attempted attacks on Azure Active Directory accounts in 2021, your AD and Microsoft 365 applications are increasingly attack targets. Backup unlimited PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices into a single account.

Reducing Data Loss Risk with Accelerated Recovery

We review your requirements and make a recommendation on the best solution for your environment. Should you need a product demo or a quote, our backup experts are available to help you with next steps. Discover all the ways Cohesity’s deep and broad technology partner ecosystem can solve your data management challenges. Protect against ransomware with threat intelligence and scanning, cyber vaulting, and ML-powered data classification—all in one simple solution. Does the solution include any machine learning or artificial intelligence ? Intelligent backup software leaves a more room for IT teams to attack other manual tasks.

Learn a seven-step plan you can use to inform your organization’s data backup strategy, from initial assessment through ongoing testing. Resilient ransomware protection and end-to-end data security with encryption. A data silo, alternatively referred to as an information silo, is a collection of files accessible by one application but either partially or completely inaccessible by another. Data silos create inconsistencies in an enterprise’s files and lead to a lack of information transparency. Use the Lyve Cloud portal to configure and manage your object storage and services.

Products In Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions Market

Commvault® Backup & Recovery is an intuitive and easy-to-deploy data protection solution that helps ensure data availability for all workloads across cloud and on-prem environments. Then, you periodically what is enterprise software upload your data to an off-site cloud; this would be your third copy. This copy can even be “disconnected” if needed, providing an “air gap” to protect against cyber hacking or ransomware.

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