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Free Statement of Work Template SOW

The party that is ending the Contract must provide notice by taking the steps explained in Section 9.4. The Coach must immediately stop working as soon as it receives this notice unless the notice says otherwise. The Coach promises that it owns the work product, that the Coach is able to give the work product to the Client, and that no other party will claim that it owns the work product. In this section, you can fix and clarify any moments relevant to your project. It may be questions about security, warranties, code ownership, travel payments, the structure of the team, etc.

  • While it’s best to avoid jargon, sometimes you need to get technical.
  • Make sure email management is intact and planned properly, and push files with relevant content to team members who need them before launch day arrives.
  • So, detail your high-level project goals, such as what you’re trying to achieve and how you plan to do it.
  • Its integration into Office 365 is the ideal solution for companies engaged in projects that necessitate the creation of consistent and accurate SOWs.
  • These can range from degrees required of skilled workers to certifications and code requirements.
  • For a productive partnership, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the objectives, deadlines, and responsibilities of the project.

However, creating it is a daunting task due to a large amount of detail it needs to include. And as we mentioned, most of the time, it’s a service provider who creates the document. As you can see, things may often go wrong without proper project planning. So how do you get exactly the software you need when partnering with your product development outsourcing partner?

Project Purpose

Writing a good SoW isn’t magic or something you can achieve after countless hours of research. Most importantly, take into account all dimensions of your project, which will increase the effectiveness of a document. Also, don’t hesitate to use the templates that we’ve prepared for you. A correctly written SoW contract will boost confidence in the cooperation.

  • The statement of work also helps to make sure that you are not over-committing or under-committing on your resources.
  • It is helpful in defining the project and increasing the chances of success.
  • Decide how often you would like to have meetings, calls, and reviews to track the progress.
  • Consider breaking down a project into manageable elements and creating a work breakdown structure in this section.
  • That’s why we have provided an SOW template to help drafting your next SOW a little easier.

These objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART approach to goal setting). Without a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with the project, it will be difficult to set realistic expectations and scope out the work required to meet those objectives. It is understandable that CompTIA Authorized Partner Program Guide by William Linard the SOW document should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. It should also be specific enough to provide guidance to the software development team, but flexible enough to allow for some changes and adjustments during the course of the project. In short, the SOW should strike a balance between being too rigid and too vague.

Deadlines and Schedule (When is it going to be done?)

This information in the statement of work software project lets you clarify any concerns that may undermine fruitful partnerships and the quality of the product. Having all this data highlighted in an SOW document will help prevent costly mistakes and set the foundation for a successful partnership. In order to complete each of these tasks, it is necessary that you write down all general tasks and how much time they will take. You should always do a general budget overview for what you can afford when building out any type of SOW documents.

Additionally, specifying the date and location of the SOW’s creation will prove its legitimacy. Now that we already know the SOW’s meaning and its purpose, let’s dive into the content of the SOW software contract. While the formats and styles may vary depending on the project, we recommend including the following key elements that will work for everyone. Optimum7 can help you set the right goals, offer and implement creative and technical strategies, and use data and analytics to review and improve your business’s performance. A good SOW will let software development companies factor in all your requirements to come up with an estimate for your actual project.

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