Posted at 26-04-2023 om 12:00

The Best Alternatives to Dropbox

Dropbox is among the biggest impair storage offerings in the world. It offers secure storage of data files and papers and can be accessed by anywhere with an internet connection. It also provides easy file sharing and collaboration.

If you would like to move far from Dropbox, there are many other alternatives that are suitable for your needs. A variety of them are free, and some offer advanced features and data protection.

The best alternatives to Dropbox are:

pCloud is an online backup method that comes with unrestricted capabilities. It is also incredibly secure, rendering it a top choice for business experts.


Internxt is a modern, ethical, and secure alternative to popular Dropbox, which has a strong emphasis on zero-knowledge privacy. By using blockchain technology to build a decentralized and modern cloud services that puts user’s directly to privacy primary.


Package is a great organization collaboration program that works with Microsoft 365, Yahoo Workspace, and other platforms to allow one to easily talk about and modify your documents. It also contains triggers and templates to automate organization processes like onboarding, work flow automation, assessment and credit of papers, and more.


Mega is a cloud storage service which offers 20GB of space for a free bank account. It also features collaboration tools like talk, call, and web conferences.


iDrive is another impair data backup service that is recommended as an alternative to Dropbox for its high level of trustworthiness and nominal downtime. It’s a simple and valuable way to store all of your personal info online, without worrying about secureness.

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